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Manual for Living



Developing Talents

Rules as Strategy

We are made up of a team of trained people, successful in their personal and financial lives, who wish to work with you to develop a group of basic principles to create and establish a solid base for reworking or constructing an action plan that will lead to your personal and financial growth.

At IXOYE – Home Foundation there are 4 Cornerstones which have led us to success. These have an order of priorities which should never be changed or removed because in that case they would collapse.

  1. Manual of Living | Matthew 6:33
  2. Family | Quality Time
  3. Talents | Developing Gifts and Talents
  4. Rules | Order, Discipline, Teamwork (Business Fable).

It is clear to us that Success is not only measured by money, power, and fame; many people have all this and still are not happy. Success is much more than that; it has to do with the fact that at the end of your life you loved God above all else, you loved your wife, your children and you left a legacy. But above all, you valued and enjoyed to the maximum that which God gave you, which is Life itself. One question which will help you realize this is: How will I be remembered after I die? In the same manner that Success is measured by the weaknesses that we have had to overcome to get to where we are today!


‘Today is the best day to start to set your goals and strive for success!". - Proverbs 16:3


“Strengthen your skills and at the same time you will succeed in what were your “weaknesses””. - K.P


“The worst enemy of Success is Time”. - R.Z


To develop our foundations, we created this school to advise and equip individuals and institutions in the personal, financial, and leadership arenas in order to achieve true success.


Some of our Themes:


Order of Priorities:

  • Manual
  • Quality Time / “You Have to Enjoy”
  • Family
  • Children

Taking Advantage of Free Time:

  • I Love Interior Decorating
  • I Like Business
  • Young Entrepreneurs
  • Apprenticeship Programs
  • Sport / IXOYE-SC (Soccer Club)

Business Professional Training:

  • Courses for companies; optimizing the needs of business training
  • Professional training in the processes in your own business
  • Finances
  • Leadership

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