350006 – Zoe 8” Mattress

Additional Information

Item # Description Length Width
350006KW C King Mattress 72.00” 76.00”
350006KE E King Mattress 76.00” 76.00”
350006Q Queen Mattress 60.00” 60.00”
350006F Full Mattress 54.00” 75.00”
350006T Twin Mattress 39.00” 75.00”
350006TL Twin Long Mattress 39.00” 80.00”

350006 – Zoe 8” Mattress

Complete support as you sleep. We only use premium comfort foam in our mattresses to provide a balance of pressure relieving comfort and support for your body. Our air barrier layer gives support and keeps you cool as you sleep. The removable washable cover is dust mite and allergen resistant and allergen resistant.


Material Engineered to give comfort and Circulation
Hypo- Allergenic: Allergen Resistant Mattress
Patented Support Edge Technology
2” Visco Foam
1” HR
3 5/8” Visco Foam 5.3 LB
3/8” Air Barrier
3”X3” Wedge Support
6” HR ILD Base Foam
Fr Muslin

Market Prices

Item Price
C King Mattress $598
E King Mattress $598
Queen Mattress $458
Full Mattress $430
Twin Mattress $310
Twin Long Mattress $318

How to Buy :  1800 590 8635

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